From just 30 pupils in 2011, today over 500 students are currently receiving education at the Nhlengelo Primary School, 53 of whom will graduate this year and move on to secondary school.

AlumierMD continually educates its clinic partners and skincare professionals in their fields and makes certain they are equipped for our constantly evolving industry.

The Alumier Foundation is ensuring the same, giving children
life-changing education in a safe environment. This is especially important now, due to the global threat of COVID-19, and is why the foundation is providing a secure screening station to protect the health of all Nhlengelo Primary School students.


The Alumier Foundation chose this symbolic tree as part of its logo to represent the roots of the school and its promise of education.




Nhlengelo means “coming together” in Shangaan, the indigenous language of the area, and the way the school has been developed has certainly helped it to live up to its name. The Foundation felt it was of vital importance to involve the community in the project from the start and it was included every step of the way, beginning with the building and construction of the school.




FENCING | The first thing the Foundation did was build a perimeter fence, not only for security purposes and to keep wildlife out but to stop people building homes that encroached on the school site.

WATER | In remote villages in the hot climate of South Africa, having a water supply is a critical issue. While the Foundation funded the digging of a borehole so the nearby village had running water for the first time, having a constant flow of water continues to be a struggle for this community.

TOILETS | The school now has working toilets.

CLASSROOMS | Extensive building work was carried out to create two teaching blocks containing eight fully-equipped classrooms.

PLAY AREAS | The school has a playground with climbing equipment and swings, as well as a basketball court.

STAFF OFFICES | The old rundown school buildings have been restored and turned into staff offices.