The Alumier Foundation is AlumierMD's primary global philanthropic project. Its initiatives have enabled hundreds of students to further their education, changing their lives forever. AlumierMD is a global community of skincare experts united by a commitment to education. As part of our dedication to learning, we communicate information about why skincare choices matter, which includes how using products made with sustainably sourced ingredients can help to protect our patients and our planet.

Since education is at the core of everything we do, when we met a remarkable man on a mission to provide learning in an impoverished area of South Africa, we were compelled to join a crucial philanthropic movement.

Our founders learned that the school was in desperate need of a small donation to provide insulation for a single building. However, on arrival at the site, it became clear that this school was facing a crisis. Principal Lyson Ndluli was bringing barrels of water for the children to combat the limited water supply in the surrounding villages and he was teaching them outside under a marula tree with little protection from wildlife. There were many ways to help.



The Alumier Foundation is the continuance of the African Research and Conservation (ARC) Foundation which was renamed the Alumier Foundation in August 2019. The ARC Foundation was established in 2011 by one of the shareholders of AlumierMD. Its mission was to fund charitable work in South Africa. The Alumier Foundation intends to continue and further develop this work. The Alumier Foundation is a registered charity in the UK and Canada. Proceeds to the Alumier Foundation directly support our current project which is the Nhlengelo Primary School.

UK Charity Number: RCN 1187494
Canada Charity Number: 840517486 RR 0001